Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway - The 10-Lane Expressway

Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway - The 10-Lane Expressway

The Mysore-Bangalore Highway, scheduled to be completed on Sept 7, 2022, will reduce the travel time between the 2 cities to 90 minutes from the present 3 hours. The economic corridor is back on the pace to meet its deadline post-COVID-19 lockdowns & labor shortages. 

The thought of reaching Bangalore from Mysore or from Mysore to Bangalore is a worry in itself, let alone the commute. The traffic density is the major scarer. But seems like the frustration is now going to vanish for travelers. The 110 km long 10-lane Mysore-Bangalore expressway begins on the outskirts of Bengaluru (Vokkaliga Mahasamsthana) and ends at Columbia Asia Hospital in Mysore. The works at the 2 phases have begun one of which is Columbia Asia Hospital to Nidagatta and the work is almost halfway through.

Benefits of the Mysore-Bangalore Highway Project:

  • Travel time reduces to 90 minutes
  • 59 over and underpasses will be constructed that will reduce traffic jams
  • 6 bypass roads at Srirangapatna, Mandya, Maddur, Channapattana, Ramanagara and Bidadi
  • Food parks on both sides of the highway
  • There will be 9 major bridges and 44 minor bridges
  • Boost the economy and improve connectivity in the country

How Does This Impact Mysore?

  • Accelerate growth & development of the city
  • A value-add for the city to be called ‘metropolitan’
  • Higher urbanization
  • A magnet for investments in the city
  • A boon for real estate

Why It’s the Best Time to Invest in Mysuru?

With this new highway project, the demand for properties in Mysore is sure to rise and promise healthy returns to investors. Besides the expressway, the Chennai-Mysore bullet train is another added advantage for the commercialization of the city. 

Be it the purchase of a residential plot or commercial sites in Mysore, your investments will sure to witness higher returns.