30x40 Sites in Mysuru

Alliance Square offers premium DTCP & MUDA-approved 30x40 sites in Mysore for sale. Choose the best layout with preferred amenities to buy a residential plot at different layouts in Mysore.

Mysore is the preferred destination when it comes to making lucrative real estate investments. In the past recent months, the city has witnessed a surge in the purchase of MUDA-approved properties across different regions in Karnataka like Bangalore, Mandya, Madikeri, Coorg etc. To help you make the right choice while buying 30x40 MUDA sites in Mysore, Alliance Square presents a wide range of options.

What Do Our 30x40 Sites in Mysore Offer?

  • The residential plots are located at renowned and premium locations
  • Basic & premium amenities at all properties
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Authentic & legal documentation
  • Easy & transparent payment options

Best Places To Buy 30x40 MUDA-Approved Sites in Mysore For Sale


A premium residential layout at Vijayanagar 4th Stage Mysuru, A MUDA approved completely developed layout. Introducing a premium residential area in Vijayanagar 4th Stage, Mysuru – a fully developed MUDA approved Layout.

Alliance Serene Phase 2

Our premium residential layout in Mysore, located just off Bannur road, is one of the best locations in Mysuru to build your dream home. It is just 2 mins away from the ring road with premium educational institutions, hospitals, resorts, hotels & convention centers located very close by.


MUDA Approved Premium Residential Layout, off Bogadi Road, Mysuru. This layout is just 5 mins away from Bogadi Ring Road Junction. It has all modern facilities including Concrete Roads, Well Developed Park, Overhead Watertank, Rainwater Harvesting, UGD, etc.

Dhatri Square

Dhatri Square is a top residential layout in Mysuru, located off Hunsur road (behind RMP). The layout is adjacent to the Mysore-Coorg Higway and has all the top amenities. Approved by DTCP, the layout has ready-to-register sites. This is a best investment opportunity in Mysuru now. your investment plan is made even simpler.

Alliance Serene

A premium residential layout located just off Bannur road with 30x40 MUDA sites. The layout also offers 30x50, and 30x* odd dimension residential MUDA approved sites. Alliance Serene comes with basic amenities and modern facilities your dream home would require. The project is driving the highest bookings from cities like Bangalore, Mandya as well as Mysore. The sites at the layout start from ₹ 2,021 /Sqft.


One of the premium layouts of MUDA-approved 30x40 sites in Mysore, located in Ilavala. It is adjacent to Mysore-Coorg Highway and promises great land appreciation. The layout has rich amenities and excellent connectivity to commercial destinations across Mysore. The layout has 24X7 Security and well-developed parks. You can own a 30x40 Muda-approved site starting from ₹ 2,400 /Sqft.


If you’re looking for 30x40 sites in Mysore for sale at installments or EMIs, Skanda Enclave is your best bet. You can own a DTCP-approved 30x40 site in Mysore starting from ₹ 750 /Sqft. The property is located on the east of Mysore and is closer to the Mandalli Airport. The best part of investing in this layout is the rate of the properties. You can own a 30x40 residential plot within 30 Lakh or 20 Lakhs.


DTCP-approved 30x40 sites in Mysore starting from ₹ 599 /Sqft. The layout also offers 30x50, 40x60, and odd dimension sites with a ready-to-register option. The property is located close to Ring road which has a higher demand for properties in Mysore. The property accommodates 24x7 security, overhead water tanks, a well-built park, and has avenue trees.

Kubernanda Sagara

One of the premium properties in Mysore. Own a DTCP-approved 30x40 site for sale in Mysore starting from ₹ 1,400 /Sqft. The best part about the property is the 30x40 corner sites. The layout also offers 40x60, and 50x80 feet dimensional sites in Mysore. The well-planner residential plots are ready for immediate registration and khata transfer. The property is located on the Hunsur highway road close to Infosys.


The property offers premium 30X40 muda approved sites in Mysore for sale, located on the east of the city towards Narsipura NH-212 Road, near Rajshekar Hospital. The property also offers 40x60, 50x80, intermediate, and corner sites from Rs.1200 Sq. ft. The sites are available for immediate registration and khata transfer.

ShreeSha Hill View

MUDA-approved 30x40 sites in Mysore with good-approached roads and well-developed parks. The property is located on the foothills of Chamundi Hill. The layout also offers ready-to-construct house plots of 30x50, 60x40 dimensions.

Why Invest in MUDA-Approved 30x40 Sites For Sale in Mysore?

Mysore, now more than ever, is witnessing higher investor attraction. The major reason being its commercialization. The city is currently pacing towards infrastructural and economic growth. Choose the best option today to buy sites in Mysore with Alliance Square.

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