Expanding Horizons - Mysuru Airport Expansion

Expanding Horizons - Mysuru Airport Expansion

Mysore is the cultural capital of Karnataka. It is one of the most important tourist hubs in the country and attracts people from far and wide. Mysuru also acts as a gateway to many other tourist hotspots. Being blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year, Mysore is an all-season destination and forms a must-visit place on many an itinerary. But despite all this, Mysore did not have a functional airport for many many years. 

The Why

The close proximity to Bangalore airport, which incidentally has a state-of-the-art International Airport, was one of the main reasons why an airport at Mysore never took-off. Even when a half-hearted attempt was made to start flight operations from the city, only flights to Bangalore and Chennai were introduced. This route never saw demand as the road network between the cities is quite good. Also, the cost of the air ticket and travel time just did not make sense at all.

With the situation being thus, it seemed that the airport dream at Mysore would stay grounded (pardon the pun) forever.  

So what changed?

With the implementation of the Government's UDAAN scheme, regular flight services between Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Hubballi, Mangalore, Hyderabad and Cochin were introduced. These flights were welcomed by the commuters, businessmen and tourists with much enthusiasm and the initiative was met with great success. The flights are logging high occupancy rates, which has encouraged other participants to invest and expand the operations further.

Expanding dreams..  

With great reception for the flights arose the demand for more routes to be added. But this was not possible with the existing runway that could cater to only small capacity flights. After much deliberation, the Government recently approved the Mysore Airport Runway Expansion project and released Rs. 319.13 crores for it. With the expanded runway, planes like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 can be landed at the airport. What this means is that Mysore can connect to cities across India, and maybe even to international cities.  

What does it mean to Mysuru?

The runway expansion project will enable wide-body aircraft to commence operations at the airport. This will boost trade and tourism across the entire region. People from any state across the country, and even from abroad, will be able to fly in to Mysore. This will stimulate the economy of the city and give a boost to all sectors. This is bound to drive the all-around development of the city. The move will provide a broader range of opportunities and will trigger a rapid economic and social change. 

What can it mean to you as an investor?

The proposed move will reshape the city and its real estate sector for the better. The impact of economic development of this project will drive up the real estate value by many folds. This will open up an unprecedented opportunity for investment. 

How to invest in Mysuru? 

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