Film City in Mysuru - All Spotlights On The City

Film City in Mysuru - All Spotlights On The City

Mysore is soon to get a Film City at Himmavu in Nanjangud Taluk. 

The Film City project was proposed in 2017 and the Government has now agreed to set it up at the proposed location after the potential risk of losing it to Bengaluru. The Project will be spread across 110 acres of land and will be of worth 500 crores.

Mysore - the cultural capital of Karnataka is home to extraordinarily talented actors & filmmakers. The city is also a preferred shooting destination of the Kannada film industry as well as of Bollywood. Places like the Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills, Lalitha Mahal Palace, KRS Dam, etc are currently major shooting attractions and the film city, once developed, is going to be the icing on the cake.

How Will The Mysore Film City Look Like?

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Facilities to produce a film
  • An animation centre
  • Can produce 23 films every year
  • 256 scenic locations within a 100-km radius for filmmakers
  • Production and post-production zones for film-making
  • A hospitality zone
  • A film training/experience zone
  • An entertainment zone

How Does the Project Impact Mysore’s Growth?

  • Mysore would become a financially successful city
  • Higher tourism revenue generation
  • Direct employment to 1,700 people
  • An escalated boost to the commercial & residential real estate in Mysore
  • The property market will witness a price appreciation & demand
  • Surge in film tourism

Mysore & Its Commercialization

The respective authorities have taken major steps towards making Mysore one of the economic giants of the state. The traditional capital of Karnataka is pacing towards its commercialization and real estate investments are growing by leaps & bounds. Now seems to be the best time to invest in sites in Mysore to gain higher property appreciation in the near future.